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Henkel White Paper: Improving Pluggable Optical Module Performance through Novel, Durable Thermal Management Solution

To manage the greater data bandwidth needs inherent with 4k rich media streaming, machine learning, data mining, and analytics, next-generation hyper-scale and cloud-scale datacenters are transitioning to the 400 gigabit ethernet (GbE) standard.  
This move creates challenges for the resulting temperature rise in pluggable optical transceiver modules (POMs), which are now approaching power levels anywhere between 15 and 20 Watts per module.  Given this rise in power, effective heat management is required to deliver optimal performance; unfortunately, conventional thermal interface material (TIM) approaches are not ideal.
Download this white paper to learn about a new durable TIM solution that helps lower heat per POM by as much as 0.32°C/W, improving performance to ensure the demands of higher-speed switching and routing are met reliably.
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