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5G Business Use Cases

5G networks are growing exponentially in number and size around the world. 5G users have grown to nearly 100 million globally, with at least 65 million in China, five million in Korea and millions of other users across the rest of the world. As 5G deployments proliferate and expand, network operators and their business clients are exploring and pursuing use cases that deliver meaningful value with minimal cost and operational disruption. Many of these combine the strengths of 5G with other advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), big data, and cloud computing.
Watch the webinar for a dynamic discussion of “5G Business Use Cases.” Featured speakers will include Craig Brown, Big Data Thought Leader, and Paul Scanlan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Carrier Business Group at Huawei Technologies. Panelists will highlight industry efforts to identify, develop, and promote effective 5G business cases, such as the 5G Deterministic Networking Alliance (5GDNA).
The panel will also describe some of the most successful business cases already being implemented around the world.
Craig Brown, Big Data Thought Leader
Paul Scanlan, CTO Carrier Business Group, Huawei Technologies
Daniel Sieberg, VP Public Relations, Huawei Technologies (Moderator)
Omer Koker, Senior Consultant, Managing Director
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