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How IoT Will Change Our Daily Lives


At the outer edge of the technological wave of 5G will be the Internet of Things (IoT); IoT promises a new level of connectivity in all manner of devices and products from appliances to vehicles to smart homes and more. The number of such connected objects is expected to grow from 8 billion in 2019 to 14 billion by 2024 with a market opportunity exceeding $658 billion. Ideally this advancement delivers additional ways to add efficiency, communication and convenience.
How will this increasingly mainstream technology improve our lives? What are the complexities, security and operability issues that need to be addressed for wide adoption? Do the benefits outweigh any risks?
Watch for a lively and informed webinar on the importance of IoT for both a variety of enterprises and for myriad consumers alike: “How IoT Will Change Our Daily Lives.”
The panelists will include Geoff Wylde, IoT lead at the World Economic Forum, Joe Barrett, President, Global Mobile, Suppliers Association and Tim Danks, VP of Risk Management at Huawei Technologies.
Tim Dank, VP of Risk Management, Huawei Technologies
Geoff Wylde, IoT Lead, World Economic Forum
Joe Barrett, President, Global Mobile, Suppliers Association
Laura DiDio, High Tech Analyst, Principal of ITIC
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