Huawei Webinar: The Significance of the Semiconductor Industry
in the US
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) research finds the United States is the global leader of the semiconductor market, with a 45-50% market share. That leadership relies upon very large investments in R&D, which are funded by access to global markets. Chinese companies, for example, account for nearly one-quarter of global semiconductor demand, according to BCG. Yet the U.S. government is considering legislation that would severely limit or even ban Chinese company purchases from non-U.S. chipmakers.
Watch now for an informative and lively discussion of “The Significance of the Semiconductor Industry in the U.S.” Panelists will include Executive Editor of Applied Wireless Technology, Ernest Worthman, Networking Infrastructure Practice Manager at Moor Insights & Strategy, Will Townsend, and Michael Yang, senior director, memory & China semi.
They will detail the legislation under consideration and its significant negative potential impacts on U.S. employment, company revenues, and market leadership. Questions will be encouraged.
Cat Sbeglia, Moderator, Technology Writer, RCR Wireless News
Michael Yang, Senior Director, Memory & China Semi
Will Townsend, Senior Analyst - Networking Practice, Moor Insights & Strategy
Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, Applied Wireless Technology
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