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Editorial Report: Conversations with industry about IoT in... Healthcare

In a new Q&A report series, Enterprise IoT Insights talks with select industry leaders about how digital systems – including 5G, AI, IoT, and edge, plus other key technologies – are transforming industry.
The response to the global COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital healthcare technologies for a number of reasons: The sheer volume of patients forced new types of digital patient record management to the forefront out of necessity; previously in-person care-related interactions had to be moved online; and the need for new remote sites where clinicians could conduct testing and administer vaccines challenged existing facility models.
However, the ability to capitalize on digitalization gains faces challenges ranging from system interoperability and overcoming technical debt to maintaining strict control of personal health data. And if the goal is to move patient/clinician inter-actions online, but patients don't have internet access, can you maintain equitable access to healthcare? Enterprise IoT Insights reports.
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