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Webinar: 5G, security and the supply chain: Perspectives on evolving US policy

Prominent industry leaders Inseego (device/endpoint technology), Qualcomm (chip) and Cisco (infrastructure) weigh in on the impact of rapidly evolving government policy – including recent actions such as U.S presidential orders tied to foreign telco entity licensing and the call for the “rip and replace” of foreign infrastructure out of rural America as well as the European Union.
The FCC and the federal government at large believe there is a need for a secure end-to-end 5G offering anchored by North America-born technology. The national security implications of 5G in connecting government/military, first responders, energy grids, transportation, logistical systems, healthcare, educational institutions and financial markets drive a desire to wean U.S. dependence away from foreign companies.
Hosted and moderated by Will Townsend, Senior Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy, one of the world’s leading technology analysts.
Ashish Sharma, President, IoT & Mobile Solutions, Inseego
Dean Brenner, Senior Vice President, Spectrum Strategy and Technology Policy, Qualcomm
Bob Everson, Senior Director, Mobility and 5G Architecture, Cisco
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