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Following the publication of the State of 5G Advanced report, written by ABI Research and commissioned by InterDigital, this webinar will introduce some of the exciting news and opportunities 5G Advanced will make for the telecoms ecosystem and on our path towards 6G. 5G Advanced represents the next steps towards 6G and will include new features and capabilities that bring us closer to a 6G future.

This discussion will highlight the priorities for the RAN and SA this year, and dive into the importance of Release 18 and the forthcoming Release 19 features. The featured experts will provide insight into the critical discussions shaping the features and capabilities that will define 5G Advanced and 6G, and perspectives from telecoms operators that shed light onto what features are important and the tangible impact they might have on consumer and enterprise experiences.

Webinar Speakers:
Dimitris ABI Research

Dimitris Mavrakis
Senior Research Director
ABI Research


Diana InterDigital

Diana Pani
3GPP RAN2 Chair, VP and Head of
Wireless Standards

Dario Qualcomm

Dario Serafino Tonesi
3GPP SA2 Vice Chair, Senior Staff Engineer 3GPP Standards
Qualcomm Technologies

José Luis Almodóvar Chico headshot

José Luis Almodóvar Chico
3GPP SA1 Chair, R&D Consultant

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