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Video compression and codecs are critical components that ensure the data-rich video experiences we all desire can be delivered crisply, efficiently, and resourcefully. A new report from InterDigital and written by Futuresource Consulting details the landscape and history of video compression technology and coding standards to better understand the advantages of today’s codecs and explore what is necessary to enable more video-powered and immersive experiences in the future.

This webinar will examine the video codec ecosystem to share the technology innovations and media trends driving industry adoption of new video codecs. Featuring perspectives from experts whose companies develop, promote, and implement the latest video codecs, this webinar will address how and where researchers and industry collaborate to ensure state-of-the-art codecs can support the latest in video content and services.

Simon Forrest, Analyst, Futuresource Consulting

Edouard Francois, Principal Scientist, InterDigital
Jan Outters, Director, Technology & Standards, Ateme
Justin Ridge, Principal Engineer, Nokia
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