KORE Webinar: Defining Edge Success with IoT

Edge computing is the next rapidly accelerating technology, with IDC anticipating worldwide spending on edge computing to reach $176 billion this year and $274 billion by 20251.
Edge computing is going to help power hundreds of use cases that will benefit from higher speeds and lower latency in data communications, along with the reliability and resiliency that edge computing can provide.
When considering enterprise edge solutions, having a strong understanding of edge infrastructure and how to build for success and scalability starts with IoT. Learn how to take the edge to outcomes with IoT in the webinar from KORE and Inseego and also learn:
  • How to efficiently deploy the edge for optimized benefits at a greater time to market
  • What the IoT Building Blocks are for edge success
  • Why a verticalized approach to IoT solutions reduces complexities
Tushar Sachdev, CTO, KORE
Ritesh Mukherjee, SVP and GM Enterprise Networking, Inseego

1. https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS48772522

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