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KORE Wireless Webinar: Unmasking the Pretenders: Understanding True eSIM Design and Next-Generation Connectivity

With the benefits of eSIM being realized as a global, zero-touch provisioning advanced connectivity technology, the market will respond competitively with many options heralding the same benefits. With IoT solutions requiring reliable connectivity, it’s important for eSIM solutions to deliver on the promise of “anywhere” connectivity.

That’s why it’s crucial to understand the architecture and performance of eSIM to be able to discern from other products on the market that aren’t actually eSIM. This can range from multi-IMSI and permanent roaming to soft SIMs and more.

You will learn:
• How to spot and avoid pretender eSIMs
• The longevity and security of eSIM amid emerging connectivity technologies
• Key benefits and use cases of eSIM

Watch now and you’ll receive an exclusive eBook from KORE, “Discovering the True eSIM: Crucial Elements to Global, Future-Proofed Connectivity.”

Marco Bijvelds, Senior Vice President, EAP, KORE Wireless
Andy Castonguay, Analyst, James Brehm
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