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As operators build out their 5G networks, the need to effectively manage their access networks and develop new solutions is critical. Digital Transformation has become a nebulous term due to overuse and vague promises.
Watch the webinar where we will explore how carriers are improving efficiency on their way to becoming a Digital Service Provider (DSP) and realizing the promise of delivering services customers want better, faster, cheaper.
  • Customer experience (Better) is critical for Service Providers. Competition is intense, and attracting and retaining customers often boils down to who delivers the best experience.
  • Innovate Faster (Faster) to outpace your rivals and realize a return on organizational investments
  • Intense competition (Cheaper) puts tremendous pressure on Service Providers to reduce operating costs… but still deliver on the customer experience promise.
Pascal Menezes Chief Technology Officer, MEF
Jason Ettinger, Sr. Product Manager, Neustar
Barton Pesavento, Director Product Marketing, Neustar
Anand Rathi, Sr. Director - Product Development, Neustar

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