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Nextivity Webinar: Public Safety Communications Systems - Best Practices for Selecting and Installing In-building Solutions

Selecting and installing public safety communications systems can be challenging. For example, it can be tough to decipher the stringent code requirements that vary from one locale to another. To complicate the issue, some systems create noise and interfere with the macro network, while others provide poor radio coverage for emergency responders throughout a building due to technology limitations.

This webinar makes it easy to understand how to best resolve the challenges faced by integrators when it comes to selecting and installing public safety communications systems. It addresses the critical issues that local authorities evaluate when issuing a Certificate of Occupancy and for annual building inspections, including:

  • Eliminating noise-causing public safety communications failures inside buildings
  • Choosing a Class A or channelized Class B solution
  • Avoiding serious problems on the network caused by rogue BDAs
  • Accurately calibrating gain in fluctuating RF environments
  • Resolving LMR and cellular band coexistence interference
  • Overcoming challenges of code compliance and passing inspections

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