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Nokia Webinar: Guaranteeing the best service with FWA

Fixed wireless access (FWA) is – at long last – a viable tool in the toolkit, thanks to a combination of technological advances and shifting market trends. Both mobile and converged operators are in an excellent position to use their licensed wireless spectrum and extend existing or even create new business and residential broadband opportunities.

However, deploying FWA can be challenging. Now, 3GPP radio access networks serve both mobile and fixed use cases which can, if not well managed, contend with each other resulting in service degradation. This webinar makes it easy to understand how operators can guarantee the best service for the customer with FWA, including:
-Purpose built tools to support the sales process and network planning, and provide insights for service assurance and optimization
-Management of precious radio resources
-Spectral efficiency and the importance of high category devices
-Guaranteeing quality of service with network slicing
-Introducing value add applications
-High performing whole home mesh Wi-Fi 6

Kelly Hill, Executive Editor, RCR Wireless News
Koen De Sagher, Product Manager 4G/5G, Broadband Devices Business Unit, Fixed Networks, Nokia
Cemil Cantürk, Portfolio Marketing, Fixed Networks, Nokia
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