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If cellular systems are to reach ubiquitous terrestrial coverage, that means going where no cellular technology has gone before: Into space. Early services which integrate satellite-based cellular, such as emergency texting, are set to launch in 2024. But the challenges of equipment survivability and providing connectivity from space are daunting.

Experts from Keysight Technologies, VIAVI Solutions, IEEE and Skylo will join RCR Wireless News' latest webinar to explore:
  • What relationships and infrastructure are needed for NTN service?
  • How is the NTN landscape shaping up in the near- and mid-term?
  • Technical challenges associated with NTN connectivity
  • What are potential go-to-market strategies for direct-to-cellular
Webinar Speakers:
Obilor Nwamadi, Senior Product Manager, VIAVI Solutions
Jani Tolonen, Product Manager, Keysight Technologies
Parthsarathi Trivedi, CEO & Co-Founder, Skylo
David Witkowski, IEEE Senior Member; Co-Chair of the Deployment Working Group at IEEE Future Networks
Kelly Hill, Executive Editor, RCR Wireless News

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