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White Paper: AI-on-5G Platform - Simplify Deployment of AI Applications Over 5G Edge Networks


Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful technology force of our time. Enabled by 5G’s high-performance, ultra-reliable, and highly secure connectivity, AI applied at the network edge will deliver connected intelligence across every industry, opening up new use cases in smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart retail, automated warehouses, and more. 

Today, 5G and AI infrastructures are evaluated, deployed, and managed separately. This is incredibly inefficient, as both AI and 5G require computational power that can be provided by the same platform. Leveraging a converged platform to run AI workloads seamlessly over a 5G network delivers technical and cost efficiencies, lowering total cost of ownership, enabling auto-scaling and pooling of compute resources, and delivering higher security for AI.

In this technical overview, we’ll explore the drivers and opportunities for AI-on-5G and then describe the building blocks and technology strategy for the emerging AI-on-5G ecosystem.

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