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Advanced 5G Research Demonstration for MWC '21

RCR Interview: 5G V2X

5G V2X sidelink can complement wide-area networks to enhance network capacity for new and enhanced experiences. And in situation where GNSS coverage becomes unavailable, 5G V2X sidelink can provide robust communication making driving safer. Learn more about this as Qualcomm’s Shailesh Patil, Principal Manager/Engineer talks about the 5G vision of an intelligent transportation system.

Qualcomm Demo: 5G V2X for Robust Communication

With sidelink, vehicles can communicate with one another using 5G V2X sidelink in the absence of GNSS coverage.GNSS coverage is vital for connected vehicles when it comes to timing information. However, 5G V2X becomes crucial in scenarios where GNSS coverage becomes too weak, such as tunnels, parking garages, and more. 5G V2X sidelink allows connected vehicles to maintain robust communication and enables synchronized timing information with other vehicles in the absence of GNSS coverage.

Qualcomm Demo: Enhancing Network Capacity with 5G V2X

5G V2X sidelink can offload high-bandwidth data from the wide area network to deliver new and enhanced in-vehicle experiences. Thanks to 5G V2X sidelink, a roadside unit (RSU) can send a real-time 3D map featuring local landmarks and potential road hazard information, enabling the car to navigate safely and efficiently to its destination. These advanced 5G V2X sidelink capabilities can enhance autonomous driving and significantly improve road safety.