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Advanced 5G Research Demonstrations for MWC '21

RCR Interview: Boundless XR over 5G

For both consumer and enterprises, mobile extended reality (XR), which includes both virtual reality and augmented reality, promises to unlock compelling and valuable new immersive experiences. Qualcomm Senior Director of Engineering, Hemanth Sampath, highlights how the company is optimizing 5G for latency on both the network and device to fully realize the potential of boundless XR and enable it at scale.

Qualcomm Demo: Boundless XR over 5G mmWave

Boundless XR enables more immersive mobile XR experiences with photorealistic visuals through split rendering and fast connectivity. At MWC 2021, Qualcomm Technologies demonstrated their over-the-air multi-user boundless XR testbed on a live 5G mmWave network that has been optimized end-to-end across the VR device, infrastructure, and edge cloud for low latency and high reliability.