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Advanced 5G Research Demonstrations for MWC '21

RCR Interview: 5G Green Networks

As 5G connectivity is becoming ubiquitous more attention is focused on reducing energy consumption, both to reduce operational costs and to meet sustainability goals. Here Qualcomm Senior Director of Technology Gideon Kutz discusses how it is possible to optimize the power amplifiers in the base station as well as to cancel different kind of noise floors to significantly reduce energy consumption and at the same time improve the performance.

Qualcomm Demo: 5G Green Networks

Saving energy with 5G green networks provides two key benefits: it can significantly reduce operational expenses, and it can also provide an important step toward climate change. The first demo is focused on power amplifiers (PA) optimization. The Power amplifier is the component in the base station that consumes the most power so allowing them to move to a more power efficient operating point can significantly reduce the overall base station power consumption. In the second demo, see how super-QAM technology can significantly increase peak data rates and save power consumption. Using a test phone with the Snapdragon X50 5G Modem-RF system, super-QAM can cancel three different kinds of noise floors in an iterative process to significantly improve the signal quality such that we can use a much higher order modulation than before, e.g., 4K-QAM instead of 256-QAM.