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Advanced 5G Research Demonstrations for MWC '21

RCR Interview: 5G Industrial IoT

With 5G and the Internet of Things poised to play a key role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Qualcomm's Senior Director of Technology Xiaoxiao Zhang discusses the importance of sidelink for direct device-to-device communication, coordinated multipoint (CoMP) technology, and time-sensitive networking (TSN).

Qualcomm Demo: 5G Factory of the Future

Industry 4.0 focuses heavily on evolving industrial automation with real-time connectivity and analytics. 5G is a foundational technology for Industry 4.0 because it helps cut the wires for more observable and responsive industrial processes, while meeting demanding connectivity requirements.
This demo explores real-world industrial applications of 5G and explains each system component of a factory made wireless with 5G devices, from smart cameras (sensors that use onboard AI to classify objects) to controllers (PLCs) and actuators (like industrial robots and gates).

Qualcomm Demo: 5G Industrial Precise Positioning

The factory of the future, warehouse, or retail store comes to life when 5G precise positioning helps autonomous guided vehicles (or AGVs) navigate indoor spaces.
5G positioning can also help monitor supply chains, track inventory, and enhance personnel safety to help industries attain higher operational efficiencies.