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Advanced 5G Research Demonstrations for MWC '21

RCR Interview: 5G Mobile mmWave

Qualcomm Senior Director of Engineering Tao Luo discusses approaches to expand the reach of millimeter wave-based 5G, including the use of machine learning techniques for topology optimization and advanced repeater technology to bring multi-gigabit speeds into buildings.

Qualcomm Demo: 5G mmWave Technology Evolution

5G mmWave continues to evolve, bringing better performance and efficiency and expanding its reach to new device types and tiers. The first demo highlights a comprehensive approach to designing and optimizing 5G mmWave networks. The second demo looks at a system simulation of a 5G mmWave network to visualize how this is done. The third and final demo walks us through a smart factory simulation to show how 5G mmWave supports diverse connectivity needs in new verticals.


Qualcomm Demo: Advanced 5G mmWave OTA Prototypes

Qualcomm is focused on driving scale for 5G mmWave networks, with technologies for increased speed, reliability, and deployment flexibility. The company’s outdoor OTA test network in San Diego that can now support simple and smart repeater prototypes.

5G mmWave repeaters can be used to deliver line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight coverage extension, as well as enhanced system reliability, and multiplexing efficiency. Further, Qualcomm is using machine learning-based beam prediction to improve 5G mmWave robustness and efficiency.