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Advanced 5G Research Demonstrations for MWC '21

RCR Interview: Wide-area 5G

As operators invest heavily to scale and densify 5G networks, Qualcomm's Tingfang Ji, senior director of engineering, highlights how the company is enhancing 5G system performance with machine learning, pioneering new 5G positioning technologies, as well as driving the 5G technology evolution to support more device types and tiers.

Qualcomm Demo: Advanced Wide-area 5G OTA Prototypes

Qualcomm is focusing on cross-node machine learning, 5G NR light evolution, and 5G device disaggregation. The first demo compares two scenarios that showcase how to improve performance and efficiency in the 5G system by simulating a massive MIMO system with multiple gNodeBs. The second demo illustrates a gNodeB that provides wide-area 5G IoT coverage to the devices in range by taking a look at three different use cases. The third and final demo takes a quick deep dive into the disaggregation of the 5G device stack.

Qualcomm Demo: Wide-area 5G Technology Evolution

Qualcomm is pushing the boundaries of 5G, with recent upgrades to the wide-area 5G OTA test network in San Diego, taking another step closer to 5G full-duplex.

The 5G OTA test network can now support subband half-duplex, which enables dynamic TDD operation and allows for more flexible service multiplexing as well as improved latency and coverage. The second demonstration in this video shows a prototype of single-cell and multi-cell 5G positioning.