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Qualcomm Webinar: Enabling the metaverse with 5G

5G is going mainstream across the globe, and this is an exciting time to harness the low latency and high capacity of 5G to enable the metaverse. A distributed-compute architecture across device and cloud can enable rich extended reality (XR) user experiences. Virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) are ready for deployment in private networks, while augmented reality (AR) for wide area networks can be enabled in the near term with Wi-Fi powered AR glasses paired with a 5G-enabled phone. Device APIs enabling application adaptation is critical for good user experience. 5G standards are evolving to support the deployment of AR glasses at a large scale and setting the stage for 6G-era with the merging of the physical, digital, and virtual worlds. Techniques like perception-enhanced wireless offer significant potential to improve user experience. Qualcomm Technologies is enabling the XR industry with platforms, developer SDKs, and reference designs.
Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How 5G and distributed-compute architectures enable the metaverse
  • The latest results from our boundless XR 5G/6G testbed, including device APIs and perception-enhanced wireless
  • 5G standards evolution for enhancing XR applications and the road to 6G
  • How Qualcomm Technologies is enabling the industry with platforms, SDKs, and reference designs
Hemanth Sampath, Sr. Director of Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
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