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Rakuten Webinar: Cloud-native Service Assurance

Unlocking the path to autonomous networks
Rakuten Symphony offers a new yet proven approach to automated, end-to-end service assurance. It gives operators a way to reduce today’s operational costs, and also a future-proof solution able to support the journey from today’s 2G/3G/4G mobile and fixed networks through to cloud-native networks of 5G and beyond—placing all involved on the path to network autonomy.
Watch this webinar to understand:
  1. The challenges involved with Service Assurance in today’s complex networks
  2. Why service delivery is at the heart of all new service deployment and monetization possibilities with 5G
  3. How Rakuten Symphony’s cloud-native service assurance solution will transform a brownfield operation from a traditional siloed-based approach with a true end-to-end capability
  4. The four key foundational elements of Observability, Automation, Scalability, and Agility can be delivered on any cloud in a matter of weeks
  5. Demonstrate why the foundational elements have contributed to significantly lower costs and provide more effectiveness in deployment
James Blackman, Editor, Enterprise IoT Insights
Sandeep Karkala, VP, Technology, Intelligent Operations BU, Rakuten Symphony
Francis Haysom, Principal Consultant, Appledore Research
Hiren Joshi, Head of Operations, Rakuten Mobile, Inc.
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