Couchbase Webinar: Enable Real Time Responsiveness and Zero Downtime for Applications

With the world going online and data doubling in volume every two years, applications that rely solely on the cloud for data storage and processing are straining to keep up—especially applications that require high availability and sub-second response times. This is because a cloud computing model relies on the internet, which is subject to latency that slows applications, and subject to outages which lead to business downtime.

Edge computing brings storage and processing closer to the clients that need it, leveraging local networks and 5G, which increases application speed and resilience by eliminating dependencies on an inherently unreliable internet.

This webinar illustrates key considerations that forward-thinking organizations must recognize as they modernize, including:
-The importance of user experience
-Capitalizing on 5G and Edge Computing
-Retaining legacy skills while modernizing
-Adopting modern cloud development practices

Mark Gamble, Product and Solutions Marketing Director, Couchbase

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