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Analyst Angle Report: Rel. 16: Enhancing and expanding 5G's reach - Broadband, IoT and beyond


After its unprecedented debut, 5G is now well poised to not only improve its already supercharged performance but also adopt new enhancements and techniques that enable it to expand its reach beyond traditional broadband services.
3GPP Rel. 16 brings new concepts such as Integrated Access Backhaul (IAB) that simplify deployment, offer improved device power savings, mobility, and positioning. It also propels 5G into V2X (vehicle-to-all communications), mission-critical services, enables massive IoT cellular connectivity, makes it suitable for use as a TV broadcast solution, enables the use of unlicensed bands.
This program focuses on an in-depth analysis of the most important Rel. 16 features, examines their benefits as well as explores the applications and use cases that are enabled and improved by it.
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