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Rohde & Schwarz White Paper: 5G NTN takes flight: Technical Overview of 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks

5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN) is a technology to enable 5G user terminals on, or close to the earth’s surface, to connect to non-terrestrial base stations located on satellites. There are two major market ecosystems driving and innovating both the technology and business use cases and services: wireless communications and aerospace. 5G NTN results in convergences between these two ecosystems.  
This white paper is to provide an overview of the major aspects of the technology and corresponding challenges for the 5G wireless side. We have incorporated the latest state of the technology, representing the current status of the standardization work ongoing in 3GPP. As 5G NTN is evolving, the information in this white paper is subject to change and expand.


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