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Rohde & Schwarz White Paper: 5G Voice over New Radio (VoNR)


The main driver behind the development of 5G networks has always been improved data services: higher mobile data rates and reduced latency, etc. However, the legacy services of voice and video communications remain key elements for mobile services, and subscribers continue to demand them.

It is this demand for voice services from mobile subscribers that keeps it part of services providers’ packages and business models. However, voice over 5G networks is not just about keeping customers happy; voice also has a role to play in the new data services provided by 5G. According to analysts, the number of voice subscriptions worldwide will double until 2025 [Ref. 21].

This White Paper will provide in-depth guidance in navigating 5G VoNR from the network deployment and the connectivity options aimed at not only supporting voice over NR, but also ensuring the data services that VoNR should enable. At the end of the White Paper, a brief summary is provided on the signaling parameters for both the network and UE side.

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