20221206 Segron Active Testing White Paper 600x200 v2
White Paper: How Active Testing can help CSPs to avoid Enterprise customer churn in a post-COVID world
The progression to pervasive remote working brings new requirements for the provision of enterprise broadband to meet the requirements of a distributed, home office-based workforce post COVID.
This White Paper examines how CSPs can use active testing techniques to meet the complex demands of their enterprise clients and mitigate the risk of churn.
It looks in detail at:
  • The challenges of providing communication services to enterprises
  • The increased importance of verifying QoS of more-prevalent services such as video conferencing from an end-user perspective, using real devices running real Apps.
  • How to reduce mean time to repair customer dissatisfaction with proactive troubleshooting.
  • The advantages of implementing active testing solutions that encompass all services such as mobile, fixed line, FWA and SIP, providing visibility of issues before they become critical.
  • The benefits of using active test solutions such as the SEGRON ATF, to ensure optimal QoS and QoE delivered to end users and thereby minimize customer churn.
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