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Semtech Webinar: The transition from ‘Connected’ to ‘Smart’ by leveraging data & analytics

 Accessibility to Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the diverse data it uncovers is key to combating some of the globe's most significant challenges that require improved situational awareness, from natural disasters to hunger and even sustainability. Increasingly, more and more companies are leveraging the combined power of IoT, advanced analytics and the Cloud to enable increased data acquisition, more reliable remote access, quicker processing, and automated alerting to improve emergency response times in smart cities– among other things.

By harnessing this power, businesses and organizations can easily and securely generate real-time insights from data as it streams from devices and environments to enable rapid, intelligent decision-making, and to improve strategic processes and operations that can deliver meaningful results with real-world ramifications. By evolving these business models alongside the IoT, some of the biggest challenges facing our world today can be not only mitigated, but completely resolved.

In this webinar, Semtech and SAS will discuss:
• The advantages of combining Semtech’s LoRa® devices, the LoRaWAN® standard and SAS’s real-time sensing capabilities and advanced analytics to help organizations better predict, prepare, and respond to the world’s most important challenges – from natural disasters to hunger and sustainability.
• The value in deploying the proper digital infrastructure and the role data, AI and streaming analytics play in fast, intelligent decision-making
• Real-world use cases and deployments across verticals including flood prevention, livestock wellness and precision agriculture, and energy forecasting

Tyson Echentile, Global Manager, IoT Partner & Business Development, SAS
Richard Lansdowne, Senior Director, Business Development, Semtech
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