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SOLiD Webinar: Is your Enterprise Building Ready for 5G?

The Middleprise is finally ready for the adoption of fiber-to-the-edge solutions as it needs reliable mobile connectivity with support for commercial cellular and private networks, given that fiber is a key enabler of the massive bandwidth potential of 5G technology, and having in mind that outdoor networks do not provide reliable indoor coverage and that mobile operators won’t pay for their in-building systems.
Fiber-to-the-edge for in-building mobile communications requires bringing fiber all the way to the antenna. With simple designs, easy installation, high bandwidth and a high level of flexibility for tenant turnover and remodeling, SOLiD’s Fiber2Antenna solutions are ready for the Middleprise.
Doug Bierbower, Vice President, Marketing, SOLiD
Kevin Vierling, CEO, Pando Telecom
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