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Spirent eBook: Safely Accelerate 5G


More than any previous generation of cellular technology, 5G has entered the popular consciousness. Even a global pandemic hasn't been able to slow down its momentum.

With all the noise surrounding 5G, our in-house experts have put together a guide that revolves around the following best practices to safely accelerate 5G:

  • Be Sure: How to emulate real-world networks, radio environments and user activity to comprehensively validate 5G performance and user experience prior to launch and continuously thereafter.
  • Be Agile: How to automate collaborative development across service provider and vendor teams for faster network releases and automate root cause analysis of performance issues for faster problem resolution and better user experience.
  • Be Secure: How to proactively and continuously assess the security of networks and supply chains to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities – before hackers find them.

Check out our eBook now to help position your organization at the front of the race for 5G.


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