Troubleshooting PIM

Free Virtual Event

Tuesday April 30th, 2024

10:20 AM Eastern US (4:20 PM UK)

Danny Sleiman
Business Development Manager – Global 5G Strategy
Dennis Mccoll
Associate Fellow

What will you learn?

  • As network demands grow with increased data throughput and traffic, how can we improve and solve interference issues

  • Overcoming challenges of managing all the frequencies

  • Operational PIM versus worst case scenario PIM

  • Exploring site design - PIM friendly design components 

  • OPEX considerations when combatting PIM and network performance

  • PIM hunting and mitigation best practice

  • Carrier relations -  trust and cooperation between parties to identify interference 


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Virtual Event Themes


Lab and manufacturing testing

As 5G deployments pick up pace, and the variety of 5G use cases evolves, the need for high quality, high performing devices which support the network and these new services grows too. We seek to explore the latest updates and solutions regarding quality assurance, meeting standards and regulations and getting devices to market faster to enable 5G at scale.


Field network testing

With new technologies, new frequencies and new equipment, testing the network can be as complex as designing it. We dig into the detail on topics such as preparing to deploy standalone 5G, the need for robust fiber testing, automated test solutions and tackling challenges such as PIM and RF interference.


Service assurance

As carriers look to deploy enterprise private networks, sometimes with hyper-specific requirements, service assurance becomes ever more critical. Consumers are also demanding more from their providers and so quality of the consumer’s experience also comes into play. Key stakeholders will come together to discuss the challenges of SLAs, QoS and the solutions which can help carriers ensure network quality and performance and achieve excellent customer service.

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