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A dizzying array of data is available to telecom operators on their networks' status, performance and health, at various speeds and levels of granularity, focused on end-user experience or peak network capability.

How do you best translate that data into actionable intelligence to validate, assure and optimize network operations?

Verizon, RCR Wireless News and VIAVI Solutions join forces to delve into:

  • How network operators implement AI and ML in their networks
  • Making sense of the data flood: Identifying actionable insights
  • Balancing immediate data needs vs. trend spotting
  • Getting insights into your network's and competitor's performance
  • Human intervention's role in data feedback lopes: when is it necessary?

Kelly Hill, Executive Editor, RCR Wireless News
Chris Murphy, Regional CTO, EMEA, VIAVI Solutions
Mark Watts, Associate Fellow - Global Network and Technology, Verizon
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