20221020 ThinkRF Real-time Intelligence White Paper 600x200

                  thinkRF White Paper: How Mobile Operators Can Monitor Competitive Networks in Real-Time

Telecom carriers / mobile operators invest well over a billion dollars per year in their network infrastructure, operations and spectrum. It’s vital for the telecom carriers / mobile operators to access continuous and real-time competitive data to be proactive about when and where they deploy new technology, add or remove infrastructure to meet or leapfrog their competitors, gain insight into how to optimize the usage and ROI in their spectrum assets, and increase market share.
With the emergence of 5G, the costs to invest in new spectrum licenses and equipment continue to sky-rocket. Those investments can be optimized if you know what your competitors are doing, where they are doing and when. Traditional approaches to competitive monitoring like drive tests and crowdsourcing have substantive challenges. This white paper will highlight those challenges, and then introduce a new approach to RF spectrum monitoring that provides competitive intelligence through a continuous, real-time view of the RF spectrum environment.
5 key takeaways:
  • Limitations of current approaches to competitive intelligence
  • Importance of real-time and continuous spectrum intelligence
  • Introduction of a new approach to spectrum intelligence
  • Advantages of real-time and continuous spectrum intelligence
  • How telecom carriers / mobile operators can utilize real-time competitive intelligence
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