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Editorial Webinar: Is it really time to start talking about 6G?

There's a common line of thinking in telecom--real value and innovation only comes with even-numbered Gs. While 5G has been the talk of the industry for years with no signs of slowing, has it really lived up to the long-held world-changing promises used to sell it?

While 5G is still far from ubiquitous, research is progressing in earnest on its successor 6G which will presumably move up into THz frequencies and take the idea of real-time responsiveness to a whole new level. Given the pace of change, will the highly advanced features we generally associate with 5G begin to materialize once we're well into the 6G hype cycle?

Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief, RCR Wireless News
Ali Khayrallah, Senior Scientist Radio Networks, Ericsson Advanced Technology Group
Meik Kottkamp, Principal Technology Manager, T&M, Rohde & Schwarz
Chen Chang, Strategic Business Development Director, NI
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