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VIAVI Webinar: Learn how to overcome the challenges of deploying 5G services in in the C-band spectrum

Midband (or C-band) is considered the “waterfront property” of RF spectrum for 5G. It offers the best compromise between RF coverage and RF bandwidth, and with 100 MHz of bandwidth, C-band can truly enable the highly hyped enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) use cases. Yet, providers must overcome a number of challenges to move into this coveted location.

Limited to time division duplex (TDD) operation, C-band requires a new level of diligence in terms of planning, deployment, and maintenance.

-Ensuring spectrum is cleared and there are no interference issues between the new 5G services and the satellite earth stations
-Enhanced importance of antenna alignment for a much narrower RF footprint
-Stringent timing and synchronization requirements for TDD deployments
-Much more involved maintenance of 5G Advanced Antenna System (AAS) with higher-order MIMO and beams

Time-to-market and network quality depends on the rigor applied to these important considerations. With a thorough approach to test, measurement, and assurance, operators and their partners take an important step in the right direction. Please join VIAVI solutions for this webinar on June 17 to learn the essentials for successful C-band deployment.

Kashif Hussain, Director, Solutions Marketing, VIAVI Solutions
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