20231130 Volt Active Data AI-Powered Webinar 1200x400 On Demand

Measuring and optimizing the value of WOW moments in relevant timescales

One of the biggest challenges facing CSPs today is identifying which metrics are most representative of a customer's experience and how to combine them for customer facing teams and network operations to proactively act upon them. It is critical to have a comprehensive computation model for measuring CX value accurately that not only takes into account real-time signals on customer sentiment across operations (Chat conversations, POS, Social, Network Usage and Back-end systems) but also the subscription and usage behavior dynamics in response to various network and CX transformation initiatives.

An objective analysis into CX Value creation provides actionable insights for various customer facing teams to adapt their decisions and actions for optimizing returns on CX investment.

In this webinar we discuss:
How does AI improve customer experiences across high speed, low latency networks?
What are the components for a successful CX value measurement framework? How to bring in actionability?
How near real-time network KPI measurement and Generative AI-driven actions can elevate customer experiences?
What are some of the winning use cases in CX Value measurement?

Steve Keil, Product Evangelist, Flytxt
David Rolfe, Head of Product Marketing, Volt Active Data


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