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3 Keys to Unlock 5G Monetization: Real-time Data, Automated Decisions, BSS Modernization

5G moves the world into an ever more connected state. Organizations that adapt to this movement will survive - and even become leaders in their industries - while the laggards will wither away. The three keys to unlock the doors towards this adaptation are:
  • Access to Data in Real-Time - Don’t wait for collecting a batch of data to drive decisions and actions
  • Automated Decisions - If the decision is not made as close to the event time as possible, the divergence of reality from desired state is going to increase rapidly leading to loss reconciliation instead of revenue generation
  • BSS Modernization - Architectural changes in 5G core, applications and networks are forcing the need for modernization of BSS
These three key facets have one thing in common: The ability to make complex decisions on multiple streams of fast data driving actions in extremely low latency SLAs.
In this webinar, we will discuss how these factors come together and why.
Dheeraj Remella, Chief Product Officer, VoltDB
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