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Understanding the 5G Advanced and 6G future

Qualcomm demos R&D priorities

At Mobile World Congress 2023, Qualcomm demonstrated its ongoing research and development into improving 5G, bringing 5G Advanced to market, and shaping the future of 6G. With advancements ranging from the tighter integration of networks and artificial intelligence to Giga-MIMO to support deployment of upper mid-band spectrum. 

Giving an overview of Qualcomm’s research priorities, Senior Vice President of Engineering John Smee said, “It’s about how far can we push things like artificial intelligence in the air interface; not only on the device and in the network, but how do we design a more AI-native air interface?…Even though 6G is a few years ahead, it’s something we’re already researching in a big way now.”  

With the 5G Advanced evolution upon us, and 6G being actively studied and developed, watch the below interviews with Qualcomm subject matter experts. Learn about the outlook for 5G Advanced, foundational R&D into 6G and air interface innovations, including mmWave, upper mid-band and sub-THz frequencies, the outlook for private wireless networks, advanced automotive connectivity, and the path to the metaverse.